Armada, Michigan

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Jenny is married to a local firefighter who is her biggest fan. 

Jenny believes anything is possible.

Jenny loves to sing.

Jenny is a small town, Michigan mom on a mission to help people get happy, healthy skin.

Jenny has a son in college and a daughter in elementary school.

Jenny has been formulating natural, organic skin care for over 5 years. 

Jenny has a teaching degree in math and chemistry, but has decided to teach in other ways.

Jenny the Hemp Goddess is a maker of skin care. Her products are made in small batches and are designed to nourish your skin with intensity. After 5 years of formulating, Jenny has found the skin can be greatly improved when it is deeply nourished.

Jenny's skin care philosophy follows a simple recipe:

Gentle Cleansing +

Intense Nourishment =

Healthy, Happy Skin


Your skin will look and feel UNQUESTIONABLY better using Jenny's products. 


Jenny makes skin care for the modern family.

Her products are kid tested and mother approved.

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